Short-Term Success Stories

Madison Health and Rehab resident pictured with husband

Wanda came here to Madison Health and Rehab following a previous rehab attempt and hospital stay. She came with the goal of regaining her strength and independence in order to return home with her husband of 50+ years, Larry. Wanda worked intensely with therapy for around 6 weeks, slowly but surely regaining her strength. Larry came and visited Wanda daily and supported her each step of the way. Larry watched each day and knew their goal of getting Wanda home was achievable this time. The closer it got to Christmas; the more motivated Wanda became. She wanted to be home for the holidays. We are happy to say that she was able to do just that. Wanda discharged home just in time for Christmas! In following up with Wanda and Larry at home, we are delighted to hear that they are thriving! Madison Health and Rehab would like to thank Wanda for choosing our center, and to thank the nursing staff and therapy team for helping her achieve her goals!

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