Short-Term Therapy Success Story

Frank G. came to us after a two-month inpatient hospital stay. He admitted to us needing to gain strength and achieve his ultimate goal of going home. Upon admitting, Frank came in not walking at all. He was not very motivated and had become very dependent on others after an extensive hospital stay. In the first week and a half, he refused therapy and had a tolerance of less than five minutes at sitting position. One day, there was a complete turnaround. He began to participate fully in therapy and was eager to work with the therapy team. He has made great accomplishments! He is now able to walk 230 feet and even practicing his skills working with a cane! Frank has a very supportive family that has been behind him every step of the way! He is ready to get home and enjoy time with him as he continues his rehabilitation journey! Frank will be going home after a short 42 day stay. Madison Health and Rehab is honored to have served Frank in his goals and can’t wait to see how far he goes!

“I remember going with my father to UK and hearing people walk and how powerful they looked and presented themselves. There are people that want to walk and just can’t. I just thought about that and wanted to get myself back to being able to walk again.”

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