Short-Term Therapy Success

older adult man standing with two young women staff members of Madison Health and Rehab

Thomas P. admitted to Madison Health and Rehab following a 2-month hospital stay. He had been hit by a car on his usual morning walk into work, that left him with multiple fractures. Thomas knew this could be life changing but admitted with the goal of regaining his strength and going back home.

Upon admission, Thomas was still in a non-weight bearing status with multiple orthopedic appointments ahead of him. Each of these appointments brought with them less restrictions and the ability to take on new therapy challenges. Thomas adapted to Madison very quickly and began his long road of intense physical and occupational therapy. In no time, Thomas was back on his feet walking with a walker!

Throughout his stay at Madison Health and Rehab, Thomas made some lifelong friends. He participated in daily group activities and was blessed with a supportive family who was beside him every step of the way. Thomas stayed a total of 111 days. At the end of his stay, he had reached his goal of walking out Madison’s door independently, with no help to return home and live on his own.

“I was excited to complete my therapy and go home but was also sad to leave all the new friends I had made. I will definitely be back to visit.” Thomas P.

Thomas, may you always know you are part of our family here at Madison Health and Rehab and we are so proud of your accomplishments! We will miss seeing your smiling face each day but are so excited to see you up on your feet and able to go home! WAY TO GO THOMAS!

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