Success Story

Betty M. came to us following a fall at home that resulted in a fracture of her left humerus. She knew it was broken as soon as she fell as she heard a loud pop. We recently followed up with her and here is what Mrs. M. had to say ……….

“I received therapy in the morning and in the afternoon. I wanted to be better than I was before I went in. The staff were all really nice to me and helped me to recover. I came to live with my son and daughter-in-law when I was released. They helped me to get moved in and even had me a special desk made for my sewing.“

Mrs. M. has taken up her sewing since her recovery and has been busy making purses for her Church Sale. She attend church as often as she can and speaks to the Women’s Group. Mrs. M. utilized her 20 days to the max and continues to improve!

Madison Health and Rehab were honored to be part of her care and to witness the recovery. We were grateful for the opportunity to get to know Mrs. M. and help her to achieve her wishes for a speedy recovery! Congratulations to Mrs. M.!

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