Success Story: Sandra T.

Madison Health and Rehab resident Sandra pictured with two female staff members

Sandra T. was admitted to Madison Health and Rehab following a hospital stay at the University of Kentucky. Sandra and her family knew she would have a long road ahead of her to recover but were also very hopeful she would be able to return home with them.

Upon admission, Sandra was unable to walk, raise her hands, barely moved her head or mouth, and was receiving all nutrition through g-tube feedings. From the first day the therapists met Sandra until her very last day of rehab, she strived to do her best and was determined to succeed. She participated in exercises with all three therapy departments: Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy.

Sandra stayed and worked with the therapy, respiratory, and nursing teams at Madison for 68 days before discharging home to her family. In those 68 days Sandra was able to regain strength in her whole body. She was able to rebuild strength in her legs and walk with a walker, use her arms and hands, move her head and mouth, and passed her swallow test, graduating her to an oral diet where she was able to feed herself !

Sandra’s family members were able to come for in-person visits and used facetime visits in addition to view her progress along the way. They were so thankful for the care given at the facility and especially from that of the therapy department. Sandra put a smile on everyone’s face daily. One staff member shared, “Just seeing Sandra wave and blow kisses at me, when passing by her room was all it took for me to have a good rest of the day. She was a joy to be around.”

The staff at Madison Health and Rehab are so proud of you, Sandra, and feel blessed to be a part of your success story!

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