Large Print Books Make Reading Easy During Reading Month and Save Your Vision Month

— There really is nothing quite like curling up with a fascinating book! For some people, however, reading is a bit more challenging because of vision difficulties. Large print books offer a fantastic solution. They can be read comfortably without having to worry about eye strain. The text in most reading material is pretty small. It’s designed this... Read More

Lesser Known Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

— There have been many legends attributed to St. Patrick throughout the centuries. St. Patrick’s Day began as a Holy Day in the Catholic Church, but over the years this religious Catholic saint’s day has turned into a more secular celebration of the upcoming spring. Here are a few lesser-known facts about St. Patrick’s Day: The original... Read More

March is Craft Month: Knit a Dishcloth

— Knitting can be an easy and enjoyable craft for seniors, especially when the item is simple like a dishcloth. Experiment with colors or stitches for a personal touch. Whether kept or gifted, the satisfaction of making something special is priceless! Supplies: Knitting needles (size 7-9) Worsted weight cotton yarn (50-100 grams) Scissors Yarn needle Instructions:... Read More

March is Nutrition Month

— Healthy eating habits are easier to maintain with a well-rounded diet, and it’s easier to do than you may think. In fact, living a nutritious lifestyle can be easy and fun. Nutrition is about more than vitamins—it also includes fiber and healthy fats. Add healthy fats. Not all fats are bad. Foods with monounsaturated and... Read More

Tell A Fairy Tale Day

— Over the years, oral histories, myths, and legends have evolved to become known the world over as “fairy tales.” The origins of most fairy tales are rough around the edges, and would not be considered appropriate for children by today’s standards. Most of these stories would be more at home as ghost stories around a... Read More

New Staff Highlight

— Please help us in welcoming Kristen Slone to Madison as our new Social Services Director. Kristen recently graduated from Eastern Kentucky University and is very excited to start her career here at Madison. Kristen began her journey in long-term care at a facility in Lexington as their Activities Assistant and was later offered a position... Read More

Short-Term Therapy Success Story

— Mark H. is singing the praises of therapy! With their help, he was able to get the “perfect” wheelchair to enjoy an outing in the Madison van. He enjoyed this night out on the town looking at Christmas lights and was astonished when he saw one house decorated with over 100 blowups in their front... Read More

February is Heart Month: Reduce Your Risk For Heart Disease

— Several health conditions, your lifestyle, your age and family history can increase your risk for heart disease. These are called risk factors. About half of all Americans (47%) have at least 1 of 3 key risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking. Some risk factors for heart disease cannot be controlled, such... Read More

Activity Highlights

— Madison’s Therapy Team surprised our residents with random AXE of kindness!! They hosted the first ever LUMBERJACK DAY!! Residents competed in the tree ring toss, don’t tip the timbers, and axe throwing. The smiles and shouts of “TIMBER” rang out throughout the entire facility! We finished the day with some tasty trees…so plaid you all... Read More

New Staff Highlight

— Hello, my name is Kyssa Jean M., and I am your new Payroll Director at Madison. I just turned 32 this past November and I am rocking it! I graduated with a bachelor’s in healthcare administration back in August of this year, and if anyone sees me or knows me, I am OBESSED with coffee... Read More