Thank You

— A huge Thank You to all our frontline healthcare workers who are putting their life on the line to save others daily. Our facility and staff have done a phenomenal job during this pandemic to ensure our residents are safe and receiving the best care. Tough times never last, Tough people do. We are team... Read More

CNA Week

— A truly amazing CNA is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget. Madison Health and Rehab celebrated CNA week June 15th- June 19th. Our nurse and hospitality aides enjoyed having meals provided for them throughout the week, receiving prizes and gifts and ending the week in a celebration. Thank you to... Read More

Welcome Our New Respiratory Therapist

— Hi! My name is Catherine Morris and I’m so excited to be the new Respiratory Therapist for Madison! I have had many jobs in healthcare including being a CNA. I also just graduated from Danville BCTC LPN program as well as having the title Registered Respiratory Therapist. I have one daughter named Sara who will... Read More

4th of July Celebration

— On Tuesday June 30th we held our Independence Day celebration. The residents started the day off with coloring and decorating American flags. For the afternoon we fired up the grill and grilled hot dogs!

Happy Birthday!

— Residents Elizabeth R. 8/20 Ronald S. 8/31 Staff Tracey G. 8/1 Rebecca B. 8/6 Rosonna C. 8/6 Michele H. 8/7 Jamie R. 8/17 Brandon R. 8/23 Kara S. 8/28

Book Lovers Day is August 9

— August 9 is National Book Lovers Day. It’s an unofficial holiday recognized on a global scale. Its origins and creator remain unknown, but it’s a nice idea to put away our smart phones for a day and pick up a book. No matter what genre you prefer – romance, historical fiction, horror, fantasy, memoir or... Read More

Therapy Star

— Congratulations to one of our residents Thelma W. on receiving her certificate of completion with therapy services! Thelma has been an over achiever since day one of coming in! She is a great friend to many and a wonderful resident! Keep up all the hard work Thelma!

Front Porch

— We’re so glad to finally see warm weather and sunshine! Our resident’s have enjoyed being able to go out and sit on the front porch! Even our ladies were able to help plant flowers with the staff!

Skills Fair

— Maureen Graham Burns recently joined our staff as our Social Services Assistant. Having a lengthy customer service background made Maureen a natural fit for our community. “I am extremely pleased with my position here.” She states. “The staff has been welcoming and helpful, and I am looking forward to helping the residents live a rich,... Read More

Ice Cream Facts

— I scream, you scream, we all scream for… Ice Cream Month! To this day, the history of ice cream remains a mystery. However, many say that the first ice cream is credited to Emperor Nero of Rome. It was a mixture of snow, nectar, fruit pulp, and honey. Others proclaim that Marco Polo, a 13th... Read More