Success Stories

Robert S.Success Story: Robert S.

Robert S. was admitted to Madison Health and Rehab following a short hospital stay at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital. He was physically weak but prayed he would be able to return home with his family.

Robert was barley walking upon admission, but he worked with our therapy team daily in an effort to regain his strength, and by the end of his stay you could see him strolling the halls with our therapy team.

He took advantage of an overnight home visit prior to his actual discharge as they wanted to ensure he was truly ready. Both he and his wife were very pleased with how much progress he made with Madison’s therapy team.

“The facility was very nice and clean,” Robert said. “Everyone was so friendly and helpful.”

The staff at Madison Health and Rehab are so proud of Roberet and blessed to be a part of his successful recovery!

Karl B.

Success Story: Karl B.

Karl B. was admitted to Madison Health and Rehabilitation following a recent hospital stay. He came to our facility barely able to walk, but you wouldn’t know that now! Our therapy department helped him to be able to roam our halls each day.

Karl enjoys talking to everyone he meets and if not in the halls, you can find him coloring in his room. Karl tells everyone that Madison is his home and he loves it here. He was touched that our community liaison visited him in the hospital prior to admission to share information about the facility. He said he will never forget that day as it meant a lot for someone to come and visit him, and was so happy to have a friend at Madison before coming to admit.

Success Story: Viola F.

The only thing better than caring for a new rehab patient is caring for a longtime friend!

Viola F. rehabbed with Madison Health and Rehab for the first time in 2016 and was so pleased with her results, she joined us again in 2017! Viola found herself in similar situations both times: she was weak due to an illness/hospital stay and wanted to get home for the holidays. Madison Health and Rehab was not only able to provide her rehabilitation services, but also assist with IV therapy related to her pneumonia.

“I told the therapy gals I appreciated them patching me back up again,” Viola laughed, “and that I’d probably see them again in a year!”

A Celebrity Hospice Hero

success story - brenda r success story - brenda r success story - brenda rMadison Health & Rehab resident, Brenda R., is one of our current residents being followed by Hospice Care Plus. This sweet and loving 70-year-old has a terminal cancer diagnosis with a lot of fight still in her. While most people have what they call a “bucket list,” Brenda has what she calls a “dream wish.” On that list, she wished that she would have the chance to go see her favorite country music artist, Blake Shelton, in concert. She never thought she would get that opportunity, but was hopeful she would be able to do so before she became so physically ill that she couldn’t. For this wonderful lady, her wish came true! Beyond that, she had the opportunity to meet this famous musician and was blown away with the surprise meet and greet back stage! It all started when Dorsie Puckett, a hospice nurse met with Brenda and her daughter Dreema to help them learn more about hospice care. Brenda felt like choosing hospice meant she was giving up and she wasn’t ready for that. In an effort to give Brenda some hope, Dorsie explained their bucket list program and asked if there was anything she would like to do. That is when her daughter explained about Brenda’s love for the famous country music artist Blake Shelton and how she would love to see him in concert. The staff at Hospice Care Plus together with our staff here at Madison Health & Rehab went to work to secure the funding, and make sure Brenda had all the medical equipment needed to make the trip to Nashville to see Blake perform at the Country Music Hall of Fame CMA Theater. Brenna Walhauser, director of public relations for Hospice Care Plus, in addition to the bucket list team, thought it would be awesome if Brenda was able to meet Blake as well. So they went to work contacting everyone they could think of and started a media campaign on social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Along with the staff here at Madison, everyone went to work sharing and tweeting in order to gain as much social media presence as possible hoping to catch the eye of someone on Blake’s management team. It worked! Brenda got the experience of a lifetime when she was wheeled back stage for a formal meet and greet and was able to hug the man she calls the “most handsome man in the world.” This amazing experience was captured through several photos that are now sitting in her room at Madison and Brenda continues to enjoy telling visitors and staff about her wonderful adventure! Madison Health & Rehab would like to thank all of those involved including Hospice Care Plus and Blake Shelton for making this dream come true!