Short Term Success!

senior woman sitting in a tall chairThis is not Betty M’s. first time around visiting our therapy department here at Madison Health and Rehab. Betty came to us previously for having a fall at home. After working hard doing therapy twice a day with our therapy department she was able to go home! Unfortunately, this time around was the same situation for Betty. She had a fall at home that resulted in a femur fracture that was going to require some rehab help before returning home. Ms. M has worked so hard to get back on her feet so she can go back home to her family. We are so honored to be able to take care of Ms. M and help her achieve her goals! Thank you for allowing us to care for you when you were in need once again!

senior man sitting in a wheel chair on a porchDavid R. first admitted to our facility for short term rehab in November 2019. David was admitted to St. Joseph needing surgical repair on his left foot and ankle. He worked so hard with our therapy department and met his goals and was able to discharge back to his home. Early in the summer David had to revisit the hospital that resulted in having another repair to his ankle. David knew for sure he wanted to come back to Madison Health and Rehab to get his therapy and nursing care needs! This is what David had to say before discharging home…. “This is my second stay here for rehab and everyone has been so good to me once again. I appreciate everyone helping me get back on my feet so I can go home! “Madison Health and Rehab is so honored to have served David in his goals.

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